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For sale: '89 Honday CRX Si

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I'm making my husband sell his macho little hotwheels, and get a Volvo to haul the kids around in.

1989 Honda CRX Si, Black. Great condition. 145.5K miles, recent A/C, tires and exhaust work. 12 CD changer. $2,500.



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Looks very nice. I sold my '90 a little over a year ago, mainly because after 15 years of ownership it needed a lot of things replaced/rebuilt and I didn't have time to deal with a project car. Someday I'll have another one, built the way I always intended to, but for now I'm enjoying its replacement ('00 Civic Si).

You shouldn't have any trouble selling it, but I'm a little concerned that your husband would acquiesce to giving up an obviously well-loved Rex in favor of a Volvo. Maybe that's why I don't have kids, although I'll always remember regularly spotting now-disgraced former Enron bigwig Ken Rice's Ferrari 550 Maranello in the parking garage...with a baby seat firmly strapped into the passenger seat.

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This car has been well-loved by both of us (me more reluctantly, but I have to admit, it's really zippy and fun to drive, even if getting in and out of it while pregnant was a real challenge). My husband hasn't given in quite that easily... our oldest son is 6, so really he's hung onto it 6 years longer than most wives would allow! :)

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