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Images Of America, Houston Heights


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Anyone have this book yet? My mom got one for Christmas. It’s pretty interesting, and full if photos, some of which I have never seen before. One in particular is of a young woman who was a dancer, who is in costume and barefoot, lying prone, and looking very seductive. She gave up dancing and went into the family business – banking. You’d never guess who it was.

The book was written by Mary Sloan and the Houston Heights Association, and can be purchased from them. I highly recommend the book, especially if you’re an ol’ Heights boy like I am.

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Anne, yes. My mistake,

Sorry, not trying to be pedantic, she's just fairly well known in the neighborhood and thought it might be a draw for some people. Do you have any pics from your childhood of the neighborhood, H2B? That would be interesting...

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Tiko, I was looking directly at the name from the HHA website, yet still manager to get the name wrong in the post. I am long in the tooth, and short in the attention span.

I do have photos from in the Heights area, but none that would be "of the Heights", exactly. All of my Heights snapshots are of the mental variety. Lotsa great images there.

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