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Nice quasi-mod on Bunker Hill


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that house looks very much like one the plastic model houses on my childhood train set - - same roof line, similar chimney, high ceilinged living room w/ lots of windows, similar mixture of siding and masonry, etc.... i've always wondered which was the inspiration for which. link below.


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does anyone know anything about 108 (or 109?) paul revere 77024. it's at the south end of this street. i was alarmed to see a for sale sign in front of it advertising a large lot.

many of you familiar w/ paul revere drive have likely lusted after this mod - lots of stone, clerestory windows, deep bayou lot, circular drive. hopefully the sign is for the flag lot along the east edge one can see in the hcad maps - though i didn't see a separate driveway for the flag lot. http://www.hcad.org/cgi-bin/IMap.asp?map=4957D i did notice plywood in one of the clerestory window - so maybe it's in poor condition and the owner has accepted the notion of land value - - it is a spectacular lot. the realtor at the open house for 215 paul revere didn't have any details about 108.

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I live very, very close to the house at the end of the street but I don't know the owner. This area flooded badly in May 2009. I lost the two cars in my garage. Maybe the house was damaged during the flood. I was stunned to see it for sale on HAR as a tear down. I don't think it has been torn down yet, it looks like all the photos on HAR are of the area behind the house. I would really like to go back there and take a few photos before they tear it down.


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