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1 photo every 15 minutes, every day - downtown houston


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I spent a while planning this out and it seems to be working. Critiques welcome!!

Basically 1 Nikon camera tethered to a computer, updating a scene of downtown houston every 15 minutes all day, every day.

Here's the link;



Problems I am experiencing;

I am shooting through a thick glass, so there is a bit of ghosting in specific areas.

The camera auto settings are causing white balance issues and bleaching / too much darkening over the course of a day.

due to my batch processing, i have to delete the photo before reposting the new one. a 2 second delay between picture posts can be noticed if you hit refresh at the right time.


Benefits of this format;

In my opinion it seems to be better than normal webcam updates. With unlimited bandwidth you can technically post a 20 megapixel image of ____ at intervals on the fly.

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Rock on! So it's basically a webcam that updates every 15 minutes right? Nice view you've got there. I think we're neighbors too!

One request.. maybe you could put a time stamp on each image. That way we could know how recent the image we were seeing is.

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This is the best Houston webcam by far!

The light trails on the 288 look cool at night and I can almost see my apartment from there!

Anybody who uses a Mac should try my dashboard widget Slothcam and add the webcam's photo URL, that way you can see a live image of downtown Houston every time you open your Dashboard!


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Thanks everyone!

Each photo updates on either the hour, 15 past the hour, 30 past the hour or 45 past the hour.

Technically, the photos are taken about 2 minutes until the posting time, then posting is initiated 1 minute before the quarter hour interval to ensure a new image is available right at the quarter hour mark. This 2 minute lee-way ensures the-30 second shutter on night images get uploaded.

Thanks for the link JAX. I will have to try out your slothcam. (please don't destroy my bandwidth with it) :-)

while the camera is basically a webcam, its actually a nikon tethered to a computer. I guess i can find a way to timestamp and date the image (as most off the shelf webcams would do) via a script. This will take more research and time. Have a few albums to work on between now and then. I'll try and keep with it.

thanks again everyone!

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