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Question - Parking Lot Info.

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I'm running into a problem. Does one have to be an architect to develop a parking lot?

This might not be the topic to post questions, but it did say help wanted.  :-)


Anyone can "develop" a parking lot. This developer typically hires consultants to assist in the process, though. I think a civil engineer would be more necessary than an architect...then again, I'm a civil engineer, and we usually find architects to be unnecessary. :P

Assuming this is a brand new parking lot, you may or may not run into some of these issues:

-Platting of the property (if necessary)

-Boundary and topographic surveys

-Site layout and planning

-Driveway location and permit

-Drainage and pavement design (keep in mind, you may lose a good portion of your site for storm water detention)

-Design of storm water quality practices

-Geotechnical investigation for pavement design and geotechnical testing during construction (you want to make sure you're getting a parking lot that will last more than 6 months)

-Construction staking (you want to make sure you're putting your parking lot in the right location)

Those are some of the things that come to mind at 4:00 AM...there will be other issues that will come up that are specific to the site, but this is a general laundry list of things that need to be considered. On top of this, you may consider a landscape architect to make things pretty. Civil engineers aren't good at that part.

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