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Taxing Full sugared Cola


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as long as our school districts receive money for having soda machines the cycle will continue. supposedly hisd has gotten out of the business but their meals that they are serving for breakfast and lunch to get the federal funding definitely head in the wrong direction. but at least the parents don't have to do anything

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I'm not sure it's particularly effective to focus just on sodas.  The problem more broadly is the amount of sugar or sugar substitutes (esp. HFCS) that is added to all sorts of food.  Bread, ketchup, salad dressing, any number of products have unnecessary added sugars.  Rather than micro-managing sodas, I would put an overall tax on sugar products at a wholesale level.  Once products with added sugar begin to jump up in price people will automatically adjust down the amount they consume and food manufacturers will begin to add sweeteners more sparingly. 

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My research into blood sugar levels has shown that it is not simply sugars that cause problems. It is carbohydrates, of which sugars are certainly one form. Potatoes in all forms, bread in all forms, pastas, all of these can cause blood sugar spikes. From a weight gain perspective, unused carbs are stored for later use, causing weight gain. Sugars are added to all sorts of processed foods, as you noted, in order to make the food attractive to the consumer. Tests show that there is a "sweet spot" that makes the food more attractive to eat. Companies shamelessly add sugar to achieve that sweet spot, without regard to its unhealthiness. Even healty foods like yogurt are loaded with sugar, ruining the food's healthiness.


Here is your healthy eating tip for the day. Fat DOES NOT cause fatness. It is good for you. Stop sugar and carbs. Eat more fat. Low fat foods are chemically disgusting.

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and don't forget exercise is an important part of diet as well, and how sedentary, or active you are should dictate what you do/can eat.


I used to be a mechanic, and still hang out with mechanics from time to time. I've never met a fat one, no matter how much they eat. But that's more to do with how active they are, 8+ hours a day on their feet, wrenching on cars, lifting heavy things. It's a good job to have for staying fit and not having a gym membership.


sitting at a desk 8 hours a day, then going home and sitting in front of the tv for another 8 hours, before rounding it all out with 8 hours of sleep is probably a bad thing. I personally try to devote at least a full hour each day to some form of physical activity, and I still feel like that's probably not enough.

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