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flat roof. insurance?

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No functioning "roof" is level flat. While not a homeowner myself I've designed & spec'd plenty of commercial jobs involving parapets and resealing tar roofs, perhaps you could ask some commercial property owners who they insure with. Good luck and let us know how it works out; welcome to the forum.

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maybe as a peace offering you should offer the insurance agent a gross of pine needles as mulch. this being houston, there's likely lots of them sitting up on your roof. the standing water has already accelerated the decaying process.

None of either on my flat roof. Try Farmers Insurance.

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Three months in my awesome new mcm home and Nationwide canceled my insurance because we have a "flat roof." It's not actually flat, but apparently it's low-pitched enough to call flat. I'm young and ignorant...this is my first house...any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

State Farm is where I got mine. Brian O'Rear at the Town and Country office is the place to call. I also got terminated by Nationwide and that was just after they replaced my roof!

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