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Metro launches small business web site


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If you listen closely, you can hear the sounds of small businesses at work in the North, Southeast and East End corridors.

And now with the launch of a Web site dedicated to the many business opportunities for METRO’s light-rail expansion project, you can expect to hear more.

METRO hopes the site - www.railmeansbusiness.com - will generate more interest among this community, and equip small businesses with the necessary tools to get on-board with the project. The Parsons Transportation Group – responsible for managing the construction of METRO’s four new light-rail lines, three of which are under construction – created the Web site.

The business-exclusive site includes a comprehensive overview of the light-rail expansion project, as well as information about:

  • Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Program and certification process
  • Contracting and procurement opportunities
  • Workforce training
  • Business-to-business programs and other support services
  • Plan room locations (provides subcontractors interested in bidding with an opportunity to view drawing/plans for a particular construction project)
  • Events and more

METRO is currently in Phase 2 of the project – which means it’s now under construction. Although we are still in the early stages of this phase, contracts for more than $25 million have already been awarded to 24 small businesses.

During the development phase (Phase 1), METRO awarded 399 of the 514 contracts and subcontracts to small and disadvantaged businesses for an estimated $71.6 million. This represents 52 percent of the dollars spent during Phase 1, which is well above METRO’s small business participation goal of 35 percent. Ninety-four percent of the contracts were issued to local firms.

In April, the agency entered into a $1.46 billion contract to begin expanding Houston’s light-rail system. This is one of the largest public works infrastructure projects in Houston’s history. Small and local businesses are expected to receive $335 million in eligible contract work.

The overall project is expected to generate 60,000 direct and indirect jobs.

METRO encourages businesses to seek contracting and procurement opportunities by visiting www.railmeansbusiness.com.

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