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Residential Swing Set/play system


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We are looking for a back yard play system for my kid. She's 2 right now, and we have a baby on the way...so its a good time to get one now.

We went to Kids Structure last weekend...saw a couple good choices. Was browsing Rainbow website too and found a few good choices.

So what do you all have? recommend? advice on play system? our back yard is large enough to accomodate the swing set (only HOA restriction is to be under 12ft)



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We bought one from Kid Structures a few months ago. I highly recommend them. They are local, they build them right there in their warehouse off the Sam. They came and installed it, it looks great and is great quality. I don't see any reason to go with Rainbow when there's a great local company (where you can things repaired or replaced if needed, too).

The kids love it. At the suggestion of the salesperson, we got one with a picnic table underneath, and it was a great idea. The kids love to go out there after school to have their snack, then they end up running around and climbing. It's a great way to get them playing outside.

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thanks for the confirmation...we will head over there this weekend and order our set.



I sent you a pm a few minutes ago.

Just for your information, Kid Structures does not make all of the equipment that they offer. That's not always a bad thing though. They (Kid Structures) were Rainbow Play Systems Inc for 15 years until recently when they changed over.

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We ordered ours from www.kidscreations.com. Check out their website--it allows you to custom design your swingset. I did a TON of research and probably saved $1500 over Rainbow by ordering through them, even when adding in shipping. It is redwood, very similar to the Rainbow. However, we did put it together ourselves. I have the email of a guy who will put them together for you, but we decided to try it ourselves first and it was fine. Things like the rock walls and the railings come pre-assembled, it's not like the costco kind where everything is in tiny pieces.

I didn't know that Kid Structures wasn't Rainbow anymore, very interesting. When we were looking, they had a section behind the warehouse where they had discount sets but you couldn't change anything on them. But since we were spending that much money, I wanted to get exactly what we wanted.

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