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Photos of Ischia Porto, Italy

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What's the antonym of hellhole?

No kidding. Great cheap food, great water, cheap local wine, nice people, cheap and abundant transportation. The only downside is the hoards of German tourists that fill the place from May 1 through July 31. And that in certain parts of the island people don't speak a lick of English. Italian (naturally) is the primary language, followed by German and then French. Fortunately, I took French in school and picked up enough German from my mother to get by.

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That's a beautiful little port village.

Beautiful shots also,

The water in that pool was perfectly still. Not used much eh?

We were the only people in the hotel almost the entire time we were there. Tourist season didn't start until May 1.

The hotel has another pool that's filled by a volcanic vent. It has to be emptied every day. In the morning it's filled with this hot, thick, green water which turns brown as the day goes on. It's supposed to kill any skin problems you have.

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