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Ok - we have some really overgrown Oleander I need to hack back (welcome to home ownership!). I've read varying opinions as to trim them any time, trim them early fall or late spring, trim them after blooming, and/or trim them down to the ground.

Mine are about 8-10 feet tall. I need to thin them out and shorten them for multiple reasons. Any advice?

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I would trim them anytime from late November to February, although it probably doesn't really matter as long as they're healthy. They do look better the season following a good trim...more full and less uneven stalks shooting out.

We'll see. As I got in there, I saw how many time they've been hacked down before. Problem is (I'll post pictures) that it goes house, about three foot flower bed, then about 3 foot sidewalk along both sides of the house.

The trees (maybe 6 or 8 on each side) have grown such that the bottoms of the larger branches/roots come a foot away from the sidewalk. So almost all greenery under the 6 foot mark has to be hacked out to keep the sidewalks useable. We may have to plant something else in the future. They're probably 10-12 feet high.

No allergic reactions to anything.

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You learn by doing. Despite the fact that I felt like I killed them, each node I cut back at now has about 1-2 new growths that are 8-10 inches. It's been what, 2 or 3 weeks?

Sigh, need to butcher them more next time!

It must be the hot October weather. The oleander thinks it's still summer.

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