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thehaif.com is broken

Mr. Chenevert

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Do you people know how to add a favorite? Just luck your way to the main page, and add it as one. Much easier than wanting to have fun typing a shorter URL every time.

I have so many favorites, already, it would be hard to find it, a week from now. I do that with the Sanborn link, it's a hastle finding it. And I don't want to dump all my favorites, I'm somewhat of a packrat.

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thehaif.com is just a forwarder...Bookmark the page you're actually on, not a forwarder.

There wouldn't be an easy to remember forwarder if the point wasn't to give people a short and quick easy to remember address. It makes just as much sense to set up the easy to remember address as your bookmark as it does the full tamale.

Also, it wouldnt have mattered in this instance.

I actually have bookmarks to the full address and short address. Even the forum link on http://www.houstonarchitecture.com/ was directing to the wrong site last night.

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Chenevert wins. It was, indeed, a DNS change.

For those interested in a technical explanation -- I used to have thehaif.com 302 redirected to the forum from my domain registrar. The main reason is because it was free. But we've been having some trouble with that in terms of reliability. Sometimes the redirect would land at a url shortening service for some reason. So I finally coughed up the five bucks to have the DNS go straight to the forum server. Hopefully taking the middle man out of the chain will make everything faster and better and easier for everyone and also resolve the Google-click problem.

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