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Intercity Transit Service On The Horizon For Rosenberg?


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Here's a portion of an article from about a month ago.

Rosenberg City Council Tuesday approved a study to see if an intercity transit service is feasible in the community.

The study is expected to take no more than a year, according to Economic Development Director Matt Fielder.

Fielder also made note that there is a $100,000 cap to conduct this study. The Rosenberg Development Corporation board of directors will fund 20 percent with the remaining 80 percent coming from the Federal Transit Administration through the Fort Bend County Transportation Department. Funding is already available from them.

In the event that the cap is exceeded, the city will pay the excess amount.

With the approval of the study, the RDC board will begin looking for a contract with a consultant.

I'm somewhat curious how such a system would serve the area, as well as the park and ride they intend to build for buses at the County Fairgrounds.

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Completely forgot about this thread when I read through the proposal recently. It actually was completed in 2010 and has since been posted on the City Economic Development Co's website.

The development of the system, with the potential goal of two city bus routes is the main focus. Other highlights feature better sidewalk access as well as the creation of bike lanes in some areas. Even rail transit is briefly touched.


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The three bus routes made their official debut about a month ago. They are "Point Deviated Routes" - i.e. fixed routes that, with prior arrangement to a specific location, will return to the main route after. At present service is $1 each way, weekdays only and minus county-designated holidays. It hits most of the major retail corridors and service centers between the two cities as well as the Park & Ride at the Fairgrounds, which may be expanded in the future.









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