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Texas A&M University Historic Military Walk To Be Restored


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Historic Military Walk Being Restored

Texas A&M University press release

August 4, 2009

Military Walk, the history-laden passageway in the heart of the Texas A&M University campus, will soon be brought back to life – and on an even grander scale than when thousands of Aggie cadets trod on it daily decades ago.

Located in the central area of campus, Military Walk links the Sbisa Dining Hall area and the northside residence halls to the Rudder/Memorial Student Center Complex on its south end. Along the way, it passes along several historical campus landmarks, such as the Academic Building , Fish Pond and the YMCA Building .

Work is scheduled to begin on the $4 million restoration project later this month. When completed, it is expected to become a major focal point for Aggies – cadets and others – as well as for faculty, staff and visitors.

Military Walk evolved from its original use into a street, which was closed in 1971 and redesigned as a walkway. Current plans call for the walk to be redeveloped to appear similar to the way it looked before 1971 and to once again become the site of academic processions, such as those held during Academic Convocation, and military marches by the Corps of Cadets.

The project is expected to be completed next spring.


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I agree about getting rid of the other sidewalks, it seems to me most will likely be drawn to the nice, wide Military Walk anyway. Why keep the sidewalks that were often orinally sidewalks for Military Walk when it was more of a street, or that were actually built to replace the walk in 1971? Doesn'y seem to make much sense.

Here are a few renderings from A&M's Facebook Page:



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