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Glenbrook Valley Townhomes


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Has anyone lived in or known anyone who lived in the townhomes at Grove Ridge or Leonora? They all look like these:


and I saw about three of these townhomes this weekend. One was destroyed and wrecked by renters and two others were recently remodeled/updated. If you come to this neighborhood through the Glenbrook Valley residential area (come in through Broadway) it seems okay- many single family, kept-up houses, quiet neighborhood. The townhome community was quiet and barely any people out.

But if you take the townhomes out through Leonora, it looks like old school parts of Texas City which can be pretty frightening. Low income housing and run down apartments with people hovering outside their shacks all the way to Telephone Rd.

has anyone had any experience with this neighborhood at all? I wonder if I am being too judgmental based on the conditions of the housing and the state of the people outside their houses. but then again I don't care; after all why put money into a place you are scared to live?

Thanks in advance

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