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Houston Northwest DT Area Photos


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Becoming more and more urban friendly. (At least it seems that way from the photos) Really nice pix. i am hoping that in the coming years, all the old warehouses can be converted into lofts and condos. That would really contribute to the growth of commercial and retail development for the next decade. i can hope, right? :rolleyes:

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These photos are proof that Houston does have buildings that are worth preserving (there are more in the area and in the entire city, I am sure). They also give strong evidence that new and old buildings can exist together harmoniously. When I look at the pictures I notice something about even the newer buildings that make the neighborhood "walk-able": They aren't set back too far from the street and they have openings on ground level. Further the new buildings have "character." They are not sterile boxes with a few decorations tacked on. They address the form, colors, and detail of the older buildings without slavishly copying those attributes. Good job, Boris and thank you.

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