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I use Skype all the time when I'm overseas. From Qatar, where I'm on a temporary assignment, it's free to talk to another Skype user, with video, and 2 cents per minute to call the US. Sound quality is good. I have colleagues who use Vonage from Doha, and they are satisfied with their service. Vonage charges monthly. You can get more information from the respective websites. If you are looking for something to use while traveling, Skype only needs a PC/laptop and a headset with microphone. Vonage uses a box that plugs into to whatever internet connection you are using.

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I've used Skype from my iPhone for calls from Europe to the United States and the quality is OK.

Of course, VOIP is not the same quality as a real copper connection, but even those are getting more and more rare these days.

I have Vonage at home and find the call quality slightly better than Skype. But then with Skype I'm using my iPhone, and with Vonage I'm using a real phone, so that could be the difference.

It used to be that you had to take your giant Vonage router with you to use it overseas. Now Vonage has a keychain-sized thingy that plugs into your computer's USB port that you can use instead. But it's Windows only.

Since you have the EuroHAIFer tag, I assume your primary goal is to make calls from Europe to the United States. In this case, getting an American Vonage account will probably be better than getting Skype because with an American number you can make free calls within the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. If you need other countries, there are various international calling plans including one that's Euro-specific.

I've never had to use Skype customer service (assuming there is one), but the two times I've called Vonage's hotline I've had nothing but prompt American-based competent support.

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I recently went with VOIP.com. Not the best (disconnection issues, out of range issues), but at $8/month (w/ 2 yr agreement paid upfront) with all the perks and local & long distance, it's a steal. A friend recommended Magic jack ($35/yr), but you have to get a new number.

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We use Vonage. Service is good. Along with the US and Canada you can make free calls to UK, France and Italy I think. Many other countries, eg. China are 1c / min. The few times That I'd called customer service I talked to people in India but it's no problem to me. You probably won't have to call often. I pester them a lot and keep getting the unlimited plan for 14.99/month.

There's this new thing called Magic Jack. I think it's 14.99 a year. A year. I know three people that use it and they said call quality is good. You basically get two lines. You can take one overseas and call US numbers for free with it. If you can scour for their international rates it might be the way to go.

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