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fall out shelter photos

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Crazy! Was it ever watertight tht you know?

From the photo, it seems that rust and groundwater were it's greatest long-term threat to survivability.

That's what always got me about the idea of the shelters in Houston - what if one of our monsoons hit while everyone was supposed to be hiding?

It'd be a happy coincidence. A strong downpour and minor flooding would cause a lot of the fallout (in the form of course particulate matter) to be washed out of our yards and streets through the storm sewers and into the bayous. What remains would have had a chance to soak into the earth, which even at shallow depths would absorb virtually all of the alpha, the majority of the beta, and at least some of the gamma radiation. What is entirely unclear, however, is what the weather patterns would be like immediately following a large-scale nuclear exchange.

Also bear in mind that some of these shelters are probably below the 100-year floodplain today, but they may not have been at the time.

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