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Contemporary Garden Oaks


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Hey, these places are across from Mister Car Wash! Clean car, great shopping opportunities in the lobby, what more could you want? Besides look at those fine finishes inside. I'm really glad to see a builder bring back the dressing-room-style vanity lights. Mrs. Porchman has frequently commented how much she loves them because they cast such a flattering blaze.

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That is funny when you guys say it was in bad side of shepherd...shepherd and all of shady acres was always the bad part and now you see all these yuppies in that neighborhood. Same thing with Washington...I mean "Washington Corridor..." lol

The comment was "the wrong side". It's not on Garden Oaks side. Although, Garden Oaks Sec I is on that side of Shepherd. However this is on the wrong side of the tracks...compared to that.biggrin.gif

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I would not live there due to the sketchy neighborhood. Personally I don't think that particular area will gentrified. My two cents.

The houses are being built upon a dilapidated flea market.

I don't think it matters.

There are about a half dozen "Contemporary"-brand townhome developments all around Houston, they're all in sketchy neighborhoods with perhaps 10 to 20 years worth of transitioning left ahead of them, and yet somehow they've been successful enough in the marketplace to warrant more and more of them. There's also one on the South Loop near Scott or Cullen, and some off of Stella Link that are just south of the loop and abutted by really crappy apartments. Some of these townhomes are so densely-packed that they even have a tandem(!) garage.

Capital markets have yet to thaw, however, so there's no doubt going to be a constraint on this developer's ability to maintain that product line, going forward.

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There is a church right across from there where my son goes to preschool - that little street is already a nightmare of traffic so that would suck to live right off of with people racing up and down it and then the school guard out half the time. I remember that builder from other developments, I almost bought one over at I-10 and TC Jester. They are kind of cool, open and modern. Don't forget that Garden Oaks has a presence on that side of Shepherd too, but it is up a ways from that. There's a lot of land open there, so who knows what will happen to it. It won't back up to anything more than a field for awhile and then it is anyone's guess what is built in that field. If this goes well, it could mean more development moving toward the north and that could only be a good thing. And they've moved quickly on it, so you shouldn't have the "Treemont Black Mold" from being open to the elements forever. You may have other issues though, who knows.

The builder doesn't seem to go crazy with the upgrades and looking at it you get a lot of very standard things. That said, at $190K...1700 sq ft...basically on Shepherd so simple commute...compelling for the right people in many ways. I sure do hate those shared driveway things though, all fine until people don't park in their garage and pull those funky moves. And what is the $65 maintenance for?

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