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Closing Retail At Spring Cypress

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Anyone know why Ace hardware on Spring Cypress went out? I loved that place!

What about PlayNTrade on Louetta and Stubner-Airline? It was always so busy. My kids are bummed!

My wife told me the owner of that ACE store won it in a raffle or contest.

They were from out-of-state and wanted to go home.

It still doesn't explain why they didn't just sell the business. I'd been in there several times and it seemed busier than most ACE stores.

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Here's why that ACE went belly up. Let me compare 2 visits to 2 different hardware stores:

Now defunct ACE on Spring-Cypress:

I enter looking for an item. I'm greeted by a high school age employee. I tell him what I'm looking for and his reply begins with, "Umm, let me see, I think it's over here..." at which point we walk around the store for a while only to discover they do not have the item I am looking for but instead have a similar item, which is not what I need. I leave without purchasing anything.

Still in business True Value on Kuykendahl, just north of Louetta:

I enter looking for an item. I'm greeted by the business owner. I tell him what I'm looking for; he turns around and takes off walking through his store chocked full of inventory and walks me directly to the item I need. I follow him back to the register, pay for the item and since I'm feeling satisfied for finding what I need to continue on my list of Saturday chores, I indulge in a couple of impulse buys strategically placed near the register. I pay for all these items and leave, knowing when I return in the future, I can expect the same level of SERVICE.

SERVICE is what keeps these small guys going. The only way they keep the lights on while Lowe's is right down the street is having the proper product knowledge and the dedication to caring for their customers.

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Service in general at retail, fast food, and restaurants has gotten much worse over the past 10 years. The employees I interact with wherever I go simply have no social skills and don't speak articulately or use proper speech. I'm surprised that places with poor service stay open, while I see places that I always liked going to go out of business.

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