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Question on name of architectural style '50s modern

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Is there a particular name for the architectural style that so many 1950's era motels, coffee shops (eg Dot Coffee Shop at Gulfgate here in Houston) were built in? I'm talking about the very "modern" style, all straight lines, flat roofs, often "Sputnik-Space-Age" elements, especially to the neon signage?


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Reef, as we've discussed on here before, there isn't all that much surviving Googie in Houston. Dot Coffee Shop and Penguin Arms are about it. But if you like looking at the stuff, there are several books about it. Check Half Price Books's architecture section, for example. I got a good book called "Googie Redux" there.

The style was quite a bit more prevalent in the West and is sometimes also called Coffee Shop Modern. The name originally came from Googie's Coffee Shop in LA.

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