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Q: Why doesn't HAIF allow Earthlink e-mail addresses?

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As of 2006, Earthlink e-mail addresses are not accepted at HAIF. This is because of Earthlink's singularly draconian spam filtering process.

When someone signs up for HAIF a confirmation e-mail is sent to their e-mail address. When this arrives at Earthlink, Earthlink sends an e-mail message back with a link to a web page that the sender is expected to follow in their web browser. That web page contains a form which must be filled out. Then a message is sent to the person who signed up. That person then must go to a web site where he or she then approves receiving e-mail from HAIF. Then the original message is sent to the end user where the HAIF registration can be confirmed.

As HAIF is a piece of software and not a person, it cannot follow this unnecessarily complex process and the registration fails.

At one time I had Earthlink registrations redirected to my personal e-mail address so I could handle them, but there's no way to do so in a timely fashion without checking my mail every half hour of every day of every week. I have other things to do with my time.

If at some time Earthlink finds a better way to achieve its goals, we will gladly allow Earthlink e-mail addresses in registrations.

Until then, the alternative is to register with a Yahoo, GMail, .Me or other e-mail address.

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