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AT&T And Sugar Land


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I have been waiting and hoping for AT&T to come to Sugar Land zip code 77479 and offer U-verse and their other fiber optic technologies to compete against Comcast and Entouch. Living in Telfair most of us signed up for Entouch, but the cost is high. Its the "preferred provider" for the 'hood. We wouldn't consider Comcast after being former Time Warner customers and we don't want satellite (had it twice with different providers).

I know that pockets of SL and in this area code have AT&T service. I've seen postings that Greatwood has AT&T and U-verse.

When I called recently to inquire, I was told that AT&T couldn't get access rights to many areas of SL. That they were effectively blocked from providing any service. Apparently they could offer hard line telephone service, but nothing more. I asked for more information but the rep just said "keep checking back with us" and disconnected. I've found nothing on any SL website, either for the city or county that talks about this issue.

Does anyone understand or know about the rules surrounding how different service providers can offer their services in SL? Is it something where the folks who originally installed the infrastructure get to keep out other providers for set period of time? Infrastructure companies often get fees from any service providers that use their infrastructure, so I don't see this as an issue (but probably wrong).

Is it due to other factors? I'm at a complete loss, so someone who knows about SL/FB government, telecom services and telecome industry issues would be welcome to help educate me and probably a lot of others.


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We just bought a house in Telfair and I'm interested in this question myself.

I am a DirecTV fan and I don't think I'll ever give it up (much to my wife's annoyance) but internet and phone, I'm open. We currently use Comcast for both at our current home in Timbergrove, but when we get to the new house I've been planning on bidding it out. I'm going to need a 2 phone lines (1 home and 1 business) and internet.

I'd love to give ATT a chance to compete with Comcast, but it sounds like that's not going to be an option? :(

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