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Title Companies

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I can't remember from my real estate classes in law school. Are title companies regulated by the state and insured as a common pool (meaning there is some kind of fund to cover those that go belly up)?

Or is it a safe bet to pick a well known 'brand name' title company?

Yes, the Texas Department of Insurance or TDI regulates it. But, I can't remember anything about their pool or if there even is one. I know that the complaint process is bogus... they send one letter to the title company and then tell you to get a lawyer.

Every little title company I have used is just the middle man for the actual insurer so I doubt it makes much of a difference.

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"Or is it a safe bet to pick a well known 'brand name' title company? "

I don't know about the pool. But brand name title companies have been having serious problems. So picking a brand name does not mean it won't go belly up during the transaction.

I think most small companies operate under the umbrella of the larger companies but I could be wrong about that. I would go with a bigger one because I would think they would be more likely to have a decent process in place to find problems with the title (liens on the property and what not). I have had problems with small companies. Some are great but some seem like they dont quite know what they are doing and miss stuff

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