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A tip of the hat to Texas Rangers fans


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Tonight Pudge Rodriguez set the record for the most games ever caught in the history of major league baseball. He did it on the road while the Astros were playing his former team, the Rangers. When he stepped up to the plate for his first at-bat tonight, the fans gave him a standing ovation. They did the same thing the night before when he hit a home run against his former team.

I thought that was an outstanding show of respect & appreciation for his years there, as well as his accomplishment in setting the record. Well done, Rangers fans.


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I think most Rangers Fans remember Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez as a stand-out player from some of the Rangers better years. He seemed to always show up and do his job exceptionally well. . .as evidence by his numerous Golden Glove Awards. He could always be counted on, and many times was the difference maker in the game. Add to that, "Pudge" didn't trash talk his teammates, or otherwise bring his team down in the locker room or with any wild off-the-field antics. . .and While no one get's the respect that Rangers' Fans give Nolan Ryan, I'd say "Pudge" comes in at a close second. They just don't make too many like "Pudge," as I'm sure the Astros understand.

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