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JoAnne King Herring - Buffalo Bayou

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From the Super Neighborhood 22 meeting announcement:

(2) a proposal to rename the Sabine Street Bridge in honor of Joann King Herring

and the agenda:

VI. JoAnn King Herring and Posey Parker: Proposal to ReName Sabine Street Bridge (10 minutes)

So she's proposing to name a bridge after herself? And who is Posey Parker? Did they mean Parker Posey?! :lol:



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Well, the minutes of the meeting are available and their plans were greater (and stranger) than I thought:

VI. Joanne King Herring and Posey Parker: Proposal to ReName Sabine Street Bridge for Ms. Herring (10 minutes)

Joanne King Herring and her partner, Posey Parker, presented their vision for converting the Buffalo Bayou Corridor

to a "destination" that will include cafes, an amphitheater for outdoor concerts, and at least two museums, one for

fashion and another for cars, all of which could be used to help turn Houston into a festival city in the winter. Ms.

Herring and Ms. Parker explained that they are ready, willing, and interested in going to corporations and other

organizations in search offunds needed to actualize their vision. Ms Herring stated that the Target Corp. has already

expressed interest in funding an amphitheater on the banks of Buffalo Bayou, and has asked her to coordinate the fund

raising effort. Ms. Herring stated that former District H CM Adrian Garcia suggested that the Sabine Street Bridge

be renamed in her honor in recognition ofthe work that she is willing to do to make this vision a reality. Ms. Herring

and Ms. Parker are seeking community support for the vision and the bridge renaming.

M-J. Buschlen suggested that a bayou museum be founded in the area of Allen's Landing. Old Sixth Ward resident

L. Lindsay stated that while she is very impressed with the charitable work that Ms. Herring has performed in foreign

countries, that the Sabine Street Bridge has a history that is worth preserving. Ms. Lindsay and others questioned the

wisdom of attempting to commercialize the green space along Buffalo Bayou.

J. West suggested and the SN Councilmembers present agreed, that SN 22 work together with Ms. Herring and Ms.

Parker to locate (1) sites for the proposed fashion and car museums for which community consensus can be established:

and (2) alternatives to the Sabine Street Bridge for objects that could be named in Ms. Herring's honor.

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