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Beer Garden that was in the Woodland Heights


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I posted about this before but might have gotten some info wrong. When I was living in the Woodland Heights from '80 to '81 or '82, this friend of the guy I was living with and myself took us to this beer garden type place once, possibly twice.

I've driven around Morrison St. several times trying to find this, and was able to speak to my friend last week regarding this.

He says that it was kind of a "secret" neighborhood thing... and it was in the back yard of a Mason's (or some kind of organization) building, and it was around the corner from King Biscuit. After speaking w/him (but after a few ritas as I was off work), first I drove down Byrne (where my friend lived) where it intersected Morrison (I THINK) and it looks like a church or some kind of office, so that might not be where it is. THEN I drove to King Biscuit and drove about a block down Houston Avenue... and there IS kind of a building, and it looks like someone lives there... and a sign out front advertising "For information, call____________". I was so darn curious that I parked on Houston Ave. and walked in the parking lot, but got too chicken to look in the back yard. This place we used to go and drink beer.. There was a nice back yard, plenty of room for horseshoes... and I even remember a couple of guys playing live music one time we were there.

Does this pique anyone's memory?


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The Masons lodge (I assume now former Masons lodge) in Woodland Heights is on the southeast corner of Morrison and Byrne, so you were definitely in the right general area, assuming the beer garden or ice house was indeed in the backyard of the Masons lodge. It's probably the building you thought looked like a church or office. It's right there on the corner, but faces Byrne, not Morrison. It's got a nice stone exterior, and I think a striped awning in front.

Don't know if that helps. I hope someone remembers the place - it sounds interesting!

Edit: Now that I think more about it, I wonder if the lodge was still open at the time, and it was just a Masons event - or a regular Masons get together. I say that because some people still think of the Masons as a "secret" society. You'd know better from the conversation you had with your friend. I wonder if the lodge was still open at the time. Maybe someone else knows.

Edit #2: Found out that the building was built by the Woodland Masonic Lodge #1157, in 1922. The lodge has since moved to a new location. Here are some photos. And one from further away:


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