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Royal Lakes Estates in Richmond Texas-need information


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Hi, I am looking for information about Royal Lakes Estates. Is this a Master Planned Community? Who is was the developer? What issues pro and con should be considered if moving to this community? What does this area realize in resale value? What about the tax rate? Does this area generall or ever flood? All these questions from someone moving to Texas from out of state. Thanks for all your help.

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This is an acreage home based residential neighborhood. It is a bit remote, well off the major highway in the area.

To enter the neighborhood, you must go over some railroad tracks. The railroad is very active, so unless you love trains, think about it.

My wife and I flirted with this neighborhood for several months but couldn't pull the trigger and ended up in Telfair. The issue I have with these types of neighborhood is 1) no curbs on streets, 2) drainage swales/ditches alongside streets, 3) tends to attract folks with lots of stuff (cars, boats, motorcycles, etc), 4) very wide open so there are few fences and so everyone's yard becomes part of your vision everyday.

The biggest issue was school districts. We were not convinced that Lamar Consolidated is comparable to Fort Bend ISD.

However, the houses are really pretty and if you love land above all else, its a good choice. Lots of room to spread out.

At the end of the day, its all personal preference. I'm sure many folks that live there probably think my choice, Telfair, is horrible for different reasons.


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