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Where To Live In Houston


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Hi Forum,

Well, I wanted to close out this thread by reporting that we are now living in "Woodway Square" at the intersection of Woodway Rd. and Winrock. It seems really great - we've had great interactiions with our neighbors and are really enjoying the area. Mountain biking in Memorial Park this morning was great!

Thanks for all the info these past couple of weeks. Now we're on to the house hunt!


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Hi Forum!

Thanks for the suggestion(s).  I think we've found a place to rent: Woodway Square on 1200 Winrock Blvd.  I'm visiting town next weekend to check it out.  Seems to be very dog friendly and pretty safe (Hey, only 4 burglaries on that street thus far this year! ;) )

Anyone have personal experience there?

I've learned a lot about Houston from these discussions; feel like we'll be able to hit the ground running - which is fantastic!



My wife used to live on Winrock. They have some nice townhomes back there. The area is good, as far as I know. The apartment my wife shared was nice. The only thing to be concerned about is traffic on Westheimer and perhaps San Felipe during rush hour. Any idea where you'll be working? I'd recommend living inside the loop for the first few months, that way the burbs and the city will be accessible.

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