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Describe Houston in two words

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:lol: "Super Highway" & "Traffic Jam"!!

Thats the truth though. I remember the good ole' days when the Katy Freeway was the only clogged up one, now every other freeway is clogged up EXCEPT for the Katy Freeway!

And it seems the toll roads are clogging up too! Not to mention that their rates are going up.

No escaping traffic any more

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One thing I really noticed about Houston when I moved here was the contrast between various parts of the city. When I first moved here I needed groceries so I walked to the Fiesta on Dunlavy and Alabama. I remember walking past the beautiful multi million dollar mansions in Southampton and then two blocks later I passed the mostly abandoned, rusting, crumbling apartment complex that they just tore down across the street from Fiesta. That sort of contrast (decaying semi abandoned apartments a few blocks from multi million dollar mansions) is something you don't see in Canada, New York, or Atlanta (the places where most of my family live).

So how about "contrast city"?

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