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Angels and Demons by Dan Brown


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I finally got around to reading this one in time for the movie version which I think will be a good film. However like "Davinci Code" and countless others I believe the book will come out on top.

The book was a fascinating read. More so than just interesting facts, it was face paced, action packed in many chapters, very suspenseful, and full of twists at the end. Overall I couldn't put it down.

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I think he just started pulling stuff out of his ass at the end of the book, and I finished it annoyed and not believing any of it.

I agree on just one part, and that's how Langdon gets out of the helicopter, it was pretty ridiculous. As much as I loved reading this, that bugged me, which is why I gave it a personal rating of 9.8 and not a perfect 10. I was entralled with it overall, so that's why I rated it so high. Normally its hard to keep my intrest to where I don't wanna put the thing down, but this kept me engaged to the point I lost sleep staying up to read it.

Another part I can see annoyance is in Langdon's fights with the Hassassin. How lucky can you be? Though I envisioned that as simply luck and brain vs brawn. As for the rest of it I liked. It felt like the flow of the book got sped up towards the very end, as if he was trying to wrap up the story faster than the story got going, but after 600+ pages (paperback version) and the climax it was time to wrap up anyhow.

In addition, I have a feeling despite this being a prequel, I think the movie will portray it as a sequel.

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