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Architectural Drafter available for immediate employment

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My name is Anchoret Showers. I am looking to re-enter the drafting field as a CAD or manual drafter. I would prefer full-time employment but am open to Temp-to-Hire also. I have 5 years experience in drafting but due to my 4 year absence from the field (details below) I am open to entry level positions.

I have 5 years experience in architectural drafting with AutoCAD and 9 years providing technical AutoCAD support for every employer. I have hands on knowledge of all versions of AutoCAD from R14 - Version 2008.

My architectural experience includes both residential and commercial projects. I am also a naturally gifted artist able to work with many different mediums and methods, including graphic art software packages, mainly Corel Paint Shop Pro. My computer background is very extensive: hands on experience building computers, desktop troubleshooting and repair, as well as varying proficiency in many different software packages including Windows, Linux, Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, and many others. In addition I have some experience in HTML and web design.

My most recent experience was in the position of Administrative Assistant for Davis Air Conditioning & Heating for 4 years. I was able to keep my AutoCAD skills current by providing technical support to the drafting team.

Samples of my work can be viewed on Flickr at the links below.

Professional Samples

Education Samples

My resume is attached and I am available for immediate employment.

I would appreciate any job leads or advice concerning my resume and samples of my work.

Thank you in advance.


Anchoret Showers


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