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Find a workout buddy or personal trainer!

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Houfit is geared to help Houstonians seach for a fitness path,begin one or continue to reach their fitness goals with a supportive audience. People can browse user profiles to learn what others are doing and eating, find workout partners, trainers, clients, and go the message boards, all within a positive environment that is rated G, so even young Houstonians may join.

It's also to allow people to get a close look at Houston's professional and aspiring athletes and health-promoting businesses. You see lots of ads in magazines for trainers but there is such limited information in these ads. This site puts these professionals on detailed display free of charge.

In today's economy, knowledge sharing is just smart. We want the members on Houfit to praise their trainers online, praise the best health food stores and restaurants in Houston, so they'll have extra money, extra time, and extra leverage to maintain health.

Most of all, Houfit wants to you to find people to hang out with in real life in Houston and the surrounding areas, because, unfortunately, not everyone has a good friend willing to let go of the mouse long enough to take a walk, bang out some reps on the floor or throw a ball back and forth. Introduce yourself here, make an honest profile, make meaningful friends for life.

If you wish to transform yourself into a healthy friend, please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you. Think about turning your small group of tv-watching friends into supercharged friends using this site, or an organization that has heavy snacking tendencies may want to make a commitment to adding apples and celery into the mix.

Friends with good habits make for better times ahead!

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prob the after...in order to gain muscle mass you also have to eat alot. Its very hard to be have low fat and be muscular. Soooo most people just try to improve what they have..I workout quite a bit, but due to body type will always be on the skinny side no matter how much I work out. Also seeing a pic like that looks more obtainable than huge muscles. I am pretty sure there is a power lifter here that will back this up.

Still the idea is kinda gay.

I wouldnt mind talkin bout working out over a beer and burger though.

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