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Giff Nielsen Retires


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Giff was a really nice guy, and one of the few sports anchors I ever worked with who didn't threaten me with physical harm (must be residual 'roid rage in the others). I didn't work that closely with him, but when we did interact, he was always very pleasant and didn't come off like a stereotypical TV personality.

One of his quirks that I found interesting was the fact that he couldn't work Superbowl Sundays because he's Mormon. Biggest day of the year for sports directors, and he's unavailable. I always thought that was very interesting.

It's my understanding that he did a ton of charity work through his church that he never sought praise for or promoted on-air, unlike so many other anchors wearing their tiny good deeds on their sleeve like fashion accessories.

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Giff was one of my all-time favorites of Houston TV news people. As a sports commentator, I would rank him just behind Bill Ennis as my favorite.


I also remember Giff as an Oilers' Quarterback. The year he became a starter I watched the preseason game against Dallas and it was an overall bad night for the offensive line. After the 4th or 5th sack there was a close-up of him walking off the field, and a halfway decent lip reader knew that whatever he was yelling, it was good not to hear.

I had the opportunity to meet him a few years ago and reminded him of that game. He laughed and said that was one time he was glad no one could hear. I found him to be personable, and it was quite pleasant to meet him. Giff is a true class act, and I'm glad he made his home in Houston.

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