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Star of Hope On Dowling St. At Harrisburg Blvd.

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There is a homeless soup kitchen on Congress at St. Emanuel that is always surrounded by homeless on the weekends trying to get a meal. In addition, there are a lot of people hanging around the Star of Hope on Dowling at Harrisburg (and the empty lot in front of the building). Do you think, in time, after more development occurs in the EaDo area that these two establishments will stay where they are? Or do you think developers will force them to relocate due to higher property taxes, etc?

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More than likely "dumped" into our (finally coming back) Near East End :angry:

Seems to happen every 5-10 years. Already visible signs at Gulfgate Home Depot. Its 3rd world out there and no sign of improving. Other topic.

The building next to Fingers Furniture was targeted a few months ago so here we go again. Can't beat em join em I guess,...Pass the bottle please! :D

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