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Locations were as follows:


Downtown 812 Main

River Oaks 2010 S. Shepherd

Sharpstown 111 Sharpstown Center

Almeda 240 Almeda Mall

Northwest 240 Northwest Mall

Memorial City 730 Memorial City

Greenspoint 347 Greenspoint


It's from an older directory. I forgot to take a picture of the cover so I don't have a date for this list. From the design of the ad it really seems like it's from the 70s. I would upload it but this thread is limited to files 0.19 MB or less.

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Great nostalgia here.  When I went to work downtown fresh out of college in 1963 I officed in the Niels Esperson building on the 4th floor.  My area of the Esperson building faced the Travis street entrance to Battelsteins otherwise known as their back door  Typical of those days I could raise the windows of the Esperson building but that wasn't necessary in order to hear the 4pm street hawkers of the Houston Chronicle shouting all the latest headlines and selling papers.  


The thing that stood out to me about Battelsteins was the frequent sand bagging of the back doors when our famous Houston downpours occurred and man hole covers in the street were sprouting up out of the pavement on top of gysers of water.


I got my first suit from Battelsteins and it was very good.  In looking at the old pictures I never thought about it but who officed above Battelsteins.  The department store couldn't have filled all floors.

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