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Westbury/Parkwest/Maplewood South

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We are planning to buy a house somewhere in these neighborhoods (Westbury 1 or 2, or maybe 3; Parkwest; Maplewood South). My preference would be Parkwest, because it is pretty & zoned to Parker (we have little kids). But we could be in a nearby neighborhood and magnet in to Parker or Kolter. My question, for residents there, is whether there are other differences that might not be readily apparent. Are there more kids in the neighborhoods zoned to the better schools? (Fewer kids in Maplewood South, for example, than in Parkwest?) And the fees in Maplewood South are higher... do you get more for that? If so, what? Any other insights into the little differences in these neighborhoods would be appreciated. Thanks.

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We moved to Westbury, near Parker, from The Montrose four years ago and have been very happy with how quiet the neighborhood is. There are far more kids than you might think if you just drove through on a hot Summer afternoon. I guess between air conditioning and Nintendo, not many kids play outdoors. You do see them on school days, though, as they tote their cellos and violins to the music magnet at Parker.

All that being said, we are also disappointed by... how quiet the neighborhood is. We have a 3 year old daughter so we are not looking for wild night life, but there is a real scarcity of any restaurants or even a neighborhood pub. Our neighbors across the street and their four (!) kids moved in a year or two before we did and they too are disappointed by the lack of any good watering holes.

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