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Allen Parkway Skyline Update


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Don't know what the chopper was doing, but I think it did a touch and go. We were on the Allen side where the parking lot with the swingset and volleyball court is, and it looked like it touched down in that area where the trail goes on the other side of Memorial and there's a big, open, grassy area. In the 3rd and 4th pics it's right above the bridge, I wish our camera had more zoom.








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This is the clearest shot I have of the chopper, I didn't see any words on it. The colors make me think police but I didn't see any official looking markings. I would believe it's a training helicopter, what they were doing looked a lot like training and it's a small one. At full size the pic is clear enough to see the side well.

If the police memorial is the pyramid type thing right along Memorial then yes, it's near it, but I'm pretty sure it touched in the larger grassy area where the trail cuts north of Memorial.


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2 punks stole my bike across the street at Sabine Street Lofts in the parking garage, and they came from the skatepark. If you see two kids, one with a two-tone blue messenger bag, and one who wears all black with a hunchback posture on bikes, throttle them for me, would you? Thanks. :)

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