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The Galleria Map Project

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So recently I had a cool idea that involved Houston...and I came up with a project called The Galleria Map Project. Basically, my plan is to take the existing The Galleria lease plans (http://www.simon.com/about_simon/leasing/LocalMall.aspx?id=805), blank the existing stores, and fill in the stores I...and others...remember. Unfortunately, this is only in the planning stages and I don't have the right program to handle everything.

I mean, it would certainly be a cool project if it were to be done, and...I guess I could post answers to any Q&A.

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old store - new store

avventura - michael kors

dolce and gabbana - kate spade

pottery barn kids - adidas

johnston and murphy old spot - de beers

bernini - yves saint laurent

versus by versace - bulgari

emporio armani - giorgio armani

louis taub jewelrs - bottega veneta

custom shop - baccarat

baccarat - true religion

luca luca - missoni

alfred dunhill use to be where Johnston and Murphy sits now.

Oilily took that spot before it moved to its curent spot.

armani exchange was were dior is currently.

banana republic was were victorias secret is located

eddie baure was located were hollister is

well i think thats about right . thats all i remember at the moment

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