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Book Review: Galveston Architecture Guidebook


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Galveston Architecture Guidebook

Ellen Beasley and Stephen Fox

(Year unknown) - Rice University Press Houston and the Galveston Historical Foundation

(Price unknown - I'd guess I paid about $25)


Dirty Amazon link (helps support HAIF): Galveston: Architecture Guidebookir?t=haif-20&l=as2&o=1&a=0892633468

Clean Amazon link (does not support HAIF): http://www.amazon.com/Galveston-Architectu...y/dp/0892633468

I bought this book at a cute little bookstore on the island that was home to a very nice man and his very sleepy cat. It's great both as an architectural reference and as a general history of the island. There's a nice long introductory section about the islands development, and the architectural listings cover what seems like hundreds of houses the way other books cover skyscrapers. It's really a treasure to own and an asset to the island.

The only bad points are that the binding is not very stable, and that it is heavy, so you wouldn't take it out on an architectural walk with you. But it's fascinating to read through the histories of so many great Galveston homes.

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