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Permafrost AC Additive?

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Anyone ever hear of this AC additive? Snake oil?


Supposed to lower electricity usage when added to AC unit. From Website:

  • PermaFrost, once injected will dislodge the isolative, non-conductive layer of oil and replace it with highly charged thermo-conductive molecules whereby eliminating future build-up for the life of the system.

  • The energy that was lost to friction now is restored. There is additional heat conductivity, dissipation and less energy is needed to "circulate" the refrigerant throughout the system.

  • The compounds integrated into the technology contain polarity. As we know heat is energy and energy can be made directional by another form of energy, which in the case of PermaFrost is the thermo-conductive compounds.

  • By acting as molecular fins, PermaFrost attracts the heat from the refrigerant and conducts it through the metal at an accelerated rate therefore increasing the systems capacity and reducing energy, resulting in more cooling action with less energy.

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Interesting. Never heard of it. The only way it saves money is if it can lower the run time of the unit. If it does work, then the market will come to it.

Two stage compressors combined with good insulation is the best way to cut costs on the AC.

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