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For Sale ~ Glenbrook 2 BR North of Bellfort

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This one is a good one for someone who wants to be in the northern section of Glenbrook, but doesn't want one of the really large houses. It is between 1700 & 1800 sq ft, so it is a good manageable size.

It's in good shape, and a nice house that is sort of a blank slate waiting for a buyer's personal touches. It has hardwoods in all the living and bedroom areas. They were just refinished and came out really nice. The inside has been repainted. There are two bedrooms with 2 full baths on one side of the house. There is a front formal living area and a den in back, but both rooms are just white walls, no paneling or anything, and the wall between them has been partially opened up so the two spaces flow real well. There is an inside utillity room and good size kitchen. The opening to the original formal dining room now has a door to it so it can be used as a study. There is also a closet there so it could also be used as a 3rd bedroom if someone wanted to. Or you could open the wall back up easy enough and put it back as a formal dining room. (That was my first inclination, but I can't count how many times I have gone into houses with formal dining rooms and all there was in there was a computer desk, so I guess the conversion makes sense.) Currently offered at $155,000






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