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Need some help (purchasing)


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I keep hearing there are "down payment assistance grants" Does anyone recommend a site? I've found a house, i have a stable job 6+ years no debt just on amex and a student loan. My credit score is in the mid 700's,(got a prequal for 130k) No car note, or anything that would limit me. I'm worried about closing costs, they seem to be a huge varying number(till you get the good faith estimate). I posted on another forum and got a smart ass comment of "Well if you have a hard time coming up with closing what would make the bank think you could pay the mortgage!" I'm looking for some direction in the right way.

Maybe a good few banks? BofA has no fee plus...BUT the interest rate is almost 6-7% Wells had 5% w

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For programs if you happen to be a teacher or a firefighter there are really good programs from HUD to help buy a house in certain areas.

Besides that I would look at FHA. Its not a grant but it allows you to have a small downpayments (basically about 3 percent). For banks I think its a good idea to call at least 5 places. Rates are all over the place these days. Your credit score sounds good so that should help alot. Banks are looking at credit scores alot more these days.

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