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2008 Smart Car Passion


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i've got a yellow smart car that is loaded, bought it at mercedes benz in sugarland about 3 months ago, it has less than 1k miles on it,

four cars is two to many so the smart car has to go, if you don't want to wait for a year and half you can buy this today. pm me if you want photos

or any other details.


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It's not about transporting it. It's cost of ownership. If I bought a car suddenly I'd have lots of extra expenses:

Parking: $300/month

Insurance: $50/month

State registration: $200/year

License plates: $125/year

City registration: $150/year

If I was in Houston, where I'd HAVE to have a car to survive I'd be tempted to get one of those little cars. But up here I only have to spend $40/month on bus and subway fares.

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