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Classic Modern Architects from the Thirties, 40's and 50's and 60's


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Send me your favorite classic modern architects and the specific project

National/ Worldwide:

Frank Lloyd Wright - I actually really like his Prarie houses even though they're from before your time period.

Le Corbusier - Monastery at La Tourette

Richard Neutra - His case study houses in California are awesome.

Mies Van De Rohe - Almost everything he did was solid.

Walter Gropius

Local to Houston:

William Floyd

William Jenkins

Harwood Taylor

MacKie & Kamrath - actually out Wrighted Wright in a few buildings, IMO

Hugo Neuhaus

There are a litany of others. But these are all that come to mind without referring to books.

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For me, some of the most interesting of this time period are Richard Neutra, John Lautner, Hal Levitt, Buff and Hensman, and Alvar Aalto. Locally I love Harwood Taylor and Howard Barnstone.

My personal favorite is R.M. Schindler

Nationally/Worldwide: Edward Durell Stone, Gordon Bunschaft

Locally: Howard Barnstone, Preston Bolton

Good taste! Bunshaft especially! The Georgica Pond House (now gone) was incredible. Lever House is my favorite high-rise in the U.S.

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