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Main Street Corridor

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Found this link while searching recently, wanted to share...(sure it's been mentioned before, couldn't find it though, moderators feel free to move if need be). Note the article/presentation is from year 2000, ...Found it particularly interesting because of the old bldg pics & histories. For instance, it mentions Sears (Main St) original layout (p.69), a subject I have verified recently with Sanborn maps. Don't know if all of the original master plan has been implemented.


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I don't think any of the plan was implemented. It wasn't exactly a plan, more like a collection of ideas for what could be done. I remember when it came out they had an exhibition about it in the Allen Center lobby.

I recall interviewing several of the people involved in developing this "plan", and they all said it's just a wish list. Things they would like to see done along Main St.

There are some nice ideas in it, but there's nothing official about it.

Personally I don't think any of it will come to pass in any form in my lifetime.

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You mean like the space needle on page 13? HAA!

Fun reading. Thanks for posting!

Oh, guess I missed that... :huh::P ..was searching for info. on the Sears Bldgs & ran across the link, thought the presentation was nice, once you reach the history part. To tell you the truth, I didn't check it all out yet. I mainly liked it for the old bldg pics & histories. Many of those motels on S. Main are no longer standing. You're welcome.

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