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Is This A Pit Bull?


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A big puppy showed up last week with a leash around her neck. No collar, no tag. The next day she shows up again sans the leash. I have no idea where she came from or who she belongs to, but she won't leave.

I like her. I want to find the owner, but if I don't I may consider keeping her.

I don't know a lot about dog breeds. Does it look like she may be part pit bull?


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Doesn't look like a pitbull..

I would say Boxer mixed with something else. The angle of the picture makes it look like a Boxer and an extremely smaller breed got together though, by the look of the paws.

That and its definitely mixed, as a purebred would have its tail and ears docked.

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Actually it was face that made me think she might have pit blood. For some reason she looked a little like one.

Thanks, everyone! I want to find her owner before she gets run over or something.

Jaw is a little too narrow... but yea, I can see why one would question. Maybe not her parents, but grandparents? ...

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