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Newest Grand Pkwy Segment I-2 Under Construction

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I read that Segment I-2 of the Grand Parkway was under construction around Baytown, so I took some pictures while I was in the area:


This is just past BUS 146, heading east on "SH-99". They are starting to clear way for the westbound lanes:


Continuing east, you can see they are making more progress:


This is on FM 1405, looking east at the clearing for westbound lanes:


again, on FM 1405, but looking west:


heading east, looking at an overpass under construction:


close up of bridges:


at this point, the parkway curves and heads north towards I-10:


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What do you expect? They didn't have the funding, I guess.

FM1960/HW6 is not a freeway, since most of the R.O.W. is very limited, and they cannot build a freeway there. Plus, there would be lots of opposition, since HW6 runs really close to residential neighborhoods. They recently expanded the south portion to 6 lanes, though...

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Be glad that this portion of the Grand Parkway will have no tolls. The states portion of the tab is being partially funded by the industries in the area. This will remove trucks from Baytown city streets.

About the columns, the decorative aspects are part of urban freeways. This portion of the grand parkway is passing through what will become a highly industrialized and warehouse loaded area. There are plans for barge terminals and new rail spurs.

Wal-Mart is finishing one their larger distribution centers and Home Depot finished theirs recently and its under operation.

The Port of Houston brings in so many goods and the expansion of the port will create the need for more warehousing. This is nothing but good for the economy and is providing the basis for many jobs.

This portion of the Grand Parkway is passing through Cedar Crossing Industrial Park.

Again, the Grand Parkway in this area is to primarily remove trucks from SH 146 in Baytown and Chambers County that are trying to get to I-10.

The reason most people haven't heard about this segment being under construction is that the citizens in the area want this. The lack of any objection opened the way for the contruction.

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