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It's amazing how much investment is along the West Beltway that would be cause for celebration, panicky speculation, snide comments, or fatalistic cynicism among various HAIFers (you all know who you are) had the location been inside of a different freeway loop.

Instead it all seems to go under the radar until some determined photographer puts it all in perspective...so to speak.

Thanks, Boris!

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Very nice photos Boris. I'm usually zooming by those places and never get to see them in such detail. Property values must really be high along the West Belt. Still can't believe they tore down that huge Tinseltown theater. It wasn't from lack of customers. It always seemed crowded the few times I went there. Guess someone made them an offer they couldn't refuse.

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Great pictures! I know you took the time to do all that because you enjoy it and you wanted to share (rather than showing off your new camera, for instance), so get ready for your reward from the Universe! "And in the End the Love You Take Is Equal To The Love You Make"

I can't help but notice what's missing in all those photos of the Beltway. Or is it the Tollway?

Billboards! Thank you, thank you, thank you Harris County!!!!!!!!!

Wow, Memorial City really is a "city", with a medical center attached to it, and offices and residential (coming, I think) across the street. Maybe in the future someone will be born there and live their whole life there (Future reality series!)

I remember when the mall was just "a Sears and a bunch of shoe stores", as my Dad described it when it first opened. Someone had a vision.

Ironic that the Sheraton at Town and Country has "Memorial City" attached to it's name. I remember when the Memorial City and Town and Country Malls were bitter rivals. It's obvious who won that battle.

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