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The Collective at Baldwin Park

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I thought this building was a for-sale condo project? I know there were a few retail spaces for lease on the street level, but I can't imagine needing to create a new billboard for those spaces has caused a 3 year delay. :)

I have a feeling they ran into a brick wall with their prices. The biggest unit was on the market for around $1 million. That is simply to high for a multiple unit building on the "wrong" side of Midtown.

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That does seem high. The Baldwin Park frontage makes it an attractive development but it's still not what I'd call a premium urban neighborhood. Seems like they were overstating the market to some degree.

I wouldn't know about that, now that people are seeing the benefits of living close in are being apparent, maybe this would be an excellent opportunity if it wasn't for the housing finance issues.

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I'd really thought that this would be done by now. I hope it will include first floor retail rather than just residences, if it ever does happen. It seems like one of the more valuable pieces of land on the east side of Midtown, although $1 million is kind of insane.

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I've been periodically trying to find out more info about the Collective and have stumbled across some more info...


I haven't seen this information on their site before. Do you all view this as a good sign, or is it just more talk and the project still has another 100 years to go until completion?

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  • Highrise Tower changed the title to The Collective at Baldwin Park

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